Elettra Bordonaro

Elettra Bordonaro

Founder and Creative Director, Light Follows Behaviour
She is founder and creative director at Light Follows Behaviour, lighting design studio with the aim to design with people and for people. Awarded a PhD in 2006 at the University of Architecture in Turin with the thesis: Technology and Innovation for Architecture and Industrial Design concentrated on urban lighting, Elettra has a background as architect. She has focused her attention on light and worked as lighting designer consultant on masterplan, exterior and public realm lighting. She has been teaching at the University of Rome, Milan and Turin and she has been visiting professor at Rhode Island School of Art and Design, Providence, USA. She is also co-founder of the Social Light Movement (SLM) with aim to bring lighting to less affluent communities. She is appointed with a visiting fellowship at the London School of Economics at the Sociology Department to join Configuring Light Research group.