Dr Navaz Davoudian

Dr Navaz Davoudian

Senior Lighting Researcher, University College London
Dr Navaz Davoudian is a lighting researcher with a focus on Urban Lighting and Night Cities. Navaz is a trained architect and apart from academic research, Navaz has undertaken consultancy projects for commercial and non-commercial organisations. She employs a multidisciplinary approach in all her researches and integrated behaviour studies and psychophysical methodologies in addition to technical lighting methodologies. Her other research interests are ageing and lighting, interaction of people with the lit environment and lighting and indoor/outdoor environment quality. Navaz is the first author of over 20 papers in her field and the editor and author of “Urban Lighting for People: Evidence-Based Lighting Design for the Built Environment”. The book provides an evidence-based approach to light as a part of people’s daily lives: the light that enables people to travel around their neighbourhood, their city on a daily basis.