Full Programme 2017 – LIGHTSPACE.LONDON 2017
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15 - 16 NOVEMBER 2017 | ExCel, London

Full Programme 2017

Full Programme
  • Wednesday 15 November 2017
    • 9:00 am


    • 9:30 am

      How to ditch the downlight and survive

      John Bullock of Lighting Magazine
      Break your downlight dependency and you’ll unleash a more creative and original you. Lighting designer John Bullock looks at the strategies and techniques you’ll need to employ in your downlight-free life.
    • 10:00 am

      Concealment masterclass: Light without luminaires

      Mark Sutton Vane of Sutton Vane Associates
      The integration of both daylight and artificial light into a seamless whole is the holy grail of lighting design. In this special presentation, we look at the best techniques for fusing light into spaces with outstanding examples from recent years.
    • 10:05 am


    • 10:30 am

      Masters of Light: Embedded Lighting

      The holy grail of a seamless integration of lighting into architecture has never been more achievable. Here our speaker outlines the strategies, techniques and tools you need to integrate lighting into the fabric of a building
    • 11:00 am


    • 11:30 am

      Masters of Light: Integrity and creativity in heritage projects

      Lighting in heritage, protected and listed environments can be a challenge when the integrity of the building fabric can’t be compromised. But there’s still scope to bring creative lighting to these projects.
    • 11:55 am


    • 12:00 pm


      Mark Major of Speirs + Major
      Mark Major is principal of the multi award-winning lighting design practice Speirs + Major. Trained as an architect, Mark has worked on a wide range of high-profile projects including the Millennium Dome, Beijing International Airport, the refurbishment of the Royal Festival Hall and the re-lighting of the interior of Saint Paul’s Cathedral. He acted as the lighting design advisor for the London 2012 Olympics. Mark is a member of RIBA, the IALD and a fellow of the Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland.
    • 12:50 pm


    • 1:55 pm


    • 2:00 pm

      Designers and manufacturers: Best of frenemies?

      Our panel of three lighting designers and three manufacturers explore the space between suppliers and specifiers. Ideally it’s a symbiotic relationship where the emphasis is on win-win for all, including the client. But is it always like this in the real world, where cost pressures are all too real?
    • 2:40 pm

      Lightspace Lighting Quiz

      Emrah Baki Ulas of Steensen Varming
      Emrah Baki Ulas,  lighting designer and lighting educator will discuss the importance of lighting education and CPD. The session look at the theory and practice within lighting design. Emrah will ask the audience a few questions before revealing the answers and encouraging audience participation and debate.
    • 2:50 pm


    • 3:10 pm

      Light, sleep and performance

      Nick Littlehales - Sleep Coach
      What’s the relationship between sleep and lighting and why is it so important to our performance, whether we are an executive working in an office or an Olympic athlete? Nick Littlehales, sleep coach to the highly-successful British cycling team, shares his knowledge.
    • 3:40 pm


    • 4:10 pm

      Circadian lighting in the workplace: the new paradigm?

      Is the jury still out on dynamic, circadian lighting in offices and other places of work, or should we be designing dynamic, adaptive installations with variable output and colour temperature as standard?
    • 4:40 pm

      Creativity and the WELL Building Standard

      The new WELL Building Standard is capturing the imagination of clients across the world. How do you achieve platinum Well Standard with lighting while delivering a creative, innovative lighting design?
    • 5:10 pm

      Panel discussion: The challenge of human-centric design

      Kevan Shaw of KSLD, Mark Ridler of BDP
      The advent of human-centric lighting represents a huge challenge to the lighting design community. Will we stand on the sidelines while a new design community of specialists develops? Or do we embrace it as part of our role? Should we accept a role as quasi-medical practitioners? How do we responsibly turn scientific knowledge into practical application? Our panel of designers and scientists debate the issues.
    • 5:50 pm


    • 6:00 pm

      MicroTalks: For the many, not the few

      Arianna Ghezzi of Ideaworks, Gary Thornton of Neolight, Nitika Agrawal of AECOM
      Sometimes high-quality lighting design can be seen as the preserve of the rich and corporate. So how do we bring its benefits to everyone? What designs and strategies can we implement to improve the lives of those we cannot afford to hire an independent lighting designer? Your idea needs to conveyed by one or two presenters, with a maximum of 10 images in under five minutes. There will be no Q&A from the floor or from judges, but presentations will be followed by a group disucssion, and one winner will be announced the following day.
  • Thursday 16 November 2017
    • 9:00 am


    • 9:20 am

      Virtual Reality: The future of lighting design is here

      Ian Frew of migenius
      Why show clients static images of lighting concepts when they can walk through their project in Virtual Reality? Ian Frew of migenius demonstrates the latest lighting design VR technology and shows how it will revolutionise scheme development and collaboration.
    • 9:50 am

      Low budget, high impact: Lighting design on a budget

      Less can be more. Light is one of the easiest ways to get maximum impact for a client on a budget. Bold, creative applications of lighting can trump major spends on interior fit outs. Here our presenter shows what can be achieved with considered design.
    • 10:20 am

      Masters of Light: Restaurants – tips, tricks and pitfalls

      Darren Orrow of Into
      An inspiring insight into how to approach the lighting design for a flagship restaurant, this presentation is packed with innovative tips and tricks, and highlights what pitfalls to avoid. ­­From creating layered lighting schemes, accommodating flexible table layouts and avoiding unwanted light pollution to balancing accent versus ambient light and creating the wow factor, this presentation will show designers and restaurateurs how to create a fantastic ambience using light
    • 10:50 am


      Mark Middleton of Grimshaw’s
      As managing partner for Grimshaw’s London office, Mark plays a key role in project work, and he has specialist expertise in rail, aviation and metro design projects, as well as wider experience in the leisure and commercial property sectors. He is currently working on several projects including high speed rail stations. Previous projects include the new London Bridge station, Reading station and Southern Cross Station in Melbourne, which won the Lubetkin Prize.
    • 11:30 am

      YOUNG LIGHTER OF THE YEAR presentations

      The Young Lighter of the Year competition is a high-profile platform to promote younger members of the lighting profession. In this, the final of the competition, the four finalists will each give a 15-minute presentation before a panel of judges. The presentations – always interesting and often very original –  are designed to illustrate their knowledge and research on a lighting subject. Organised by the Society of Light and Lighting, the competition is now in its 23nd year.
    • 12:30 pm


    • 12:50 pm


    • 1:00 pm

      Disrupted Design – will quality suffer in the rush to connected lighting?

      Joe Vose of Light Bureau
      The buzzwords in the lighting industry are the IoT, connectivity and data. But where does this leave the scope for creativity and beauty? And what role is there for independent lighting designers? Our panel explores the issues in the rush to connected lighting.
    • 1:30 pm


    • 1:40 pm

      Literacy in the urban realm

      How can lighting assist literacy and orientation in cities as well as make places where people will want to congregate in an evening? How can lighting provide a narrative after dark in a way that engages and informs about a city’s culture and architecture?
    • 2:10 pm

      Tall tales: The illumination of landmark structures

      Lighting skyscrapers and other high structures brings with it unique responsibilities and technical challenges. How do you maintain sympathy for an established nightscape while fulfilling the client’s wish for a statement? How can low maintenance be designed into the project? Our speaker explores the issues.
    • 2:40 pm

      Confessions of a nightwalker: A manifesto for the nocturnal city

      Professor Nick Dunn of Lancaster University
      We explore the relationships between being human and urban landscapes at night and the subtle role lighting can play in making the city at night a place of discover, interest and joy.
    • 3:10 pm

      Young Lighter of the Year best papers

      The Society of Light and Lighting judges return to the stage to announce the winners of the best papers from the Young Lighter of the Year presentations which took place at lunchtime. The overall winner will be announced at the Lux Awards during the evening.
    • 4:00 pm


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